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Fast and Furious 8 tribute to Paul Walker? Kurt Russel and Eva Mendes return?

The makers of the movie Fast and Furious 7 had paid a tribute to Paul Walker with the release of the movie. Reportedly, this time around too, with the release of Fast and Furious 8 movie, another tribute would be paid to the late actor. Fast and Furious 8 cast will include Paul Walker’s brother Cody as Brian O’ Connor.

The seventh part of the Furious franchise had broken all records when it came to the business of movie-making.  After the death of Paul Walker, it was expected that the franchise would come to an end. But after the success of Furious 7 a clear sign was signalled that Fast and Furious 8 would surely happen. Fast and Furious 8 cast is being revealed gradually and there will be many new faces to be seen in the movie. Ruby Rose, who had been a part of “Orange is the New Black” might be a part of Vin Diesel’s gang in the upcoming movie. Reportedly, Eva Mendes too might be a part of the Fast and Furious 8 cast and portray the role of Agent Monica Fuentes of the US Customs.


Adding flare to the excitement around the movie, it is speculated that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson might join the cast of Fast and Furious 8 as Hobbs. As per the reports, Jason Statham would be playing the role of Deckard Shaw in the upcoming movie. The lady cast of the movie might feature “Salt” actress Angelina Jolie and Helen Mirren , and this would mean only Paul Walker will be the one missing-in-action. The franchise felt the need to evolve girls and make one of the best movies in the franchise.  Fast and Furious 8 cast member Michelle Rodrigues said,” Let’s stop hitting each other and let’s stop fighting each other, and let’s start getting together and ganging up on people.”

Fast and Furious 8 cast and crew might apparently witness Paul Walker’s brothers Caleb Walker and Cody Walker. One of them would be cast to play the role of Brian in the movie. Fast and Furious 8 would see Paul Walker’s younger brothers being expanded as “stand-ins” to complete the shooting of the franchise.  The movie will be one of the most amazing experiences fans ever had with Fast and Furious franchise and reportedly, smart CGI techniques would be used to make Brian survive through the series. The official name of the eighth series has yet not been finalized and Vin Diesel had suggested that the forthcoming installment should be called “Fate” or “F8. Fast and Furious 8 will be directed by Justin Lin, and is slated to hit the cinemas on April 14, 2017.

Updated: October 5, 2016 — 7:05 am

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